hanging chandelier

Capiz Hanging Globe Chandelier - Hanging chandelier in globe or round design covered by capiz shell chips and lighting fixtures to make your environment so memorable, romantic and most specially asian theme looking design. It can be also a giant lantern chandelier made of capiz shell pendant lights. Your sizes, design, colors and shapes of capiz shell chips are very welcome...

Capiz Globle Chandelier Lantern


Description:Hanging Globe Chandelier in natural white

capiz shell with electric fitting and bulb holder for perfect lighting decoration.

Available in any size and design.


Sizes Available:inches / cm diameter

a.36 inches / 91.44 cm Code:HGC36 Price:US$ 170.00
= NO Available

b.28 inches / 71.12 cm Code:HGC28 Price:US$ 130.00
= NO Available

c.24 inches / 60.96 cm Code:HGC24 Price:US$ 95.00
= NO Available

d.22 inches / 55.88 cm Code:HGC22 Price:US$ 85.00
= NO Available

e.18 inches / 45.72 cm Code:HGC18 Price:US$ 75.00
= NO Available

f. 16 inches / 40.64 cm Code:HGC16 Price:US$ 60.00
= NO Available

g.12 inches / 30.48 cm Code:HGC12 Price:US$ 45.00

h.9 inches / 22.86 cm Code: HGC09 Price:US$ 20.00

i. 8 inches / 20.31 cm Code: HGC08 Price:US$ 15.00



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