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Tables Decoration Collection

Our Capiz Lamp Shades is the newest in the market in terms of home table decoration today. Purely handmade to create more unique and style specially in your home, condominium, hotels and more... more pictures

Our Different Shape Hanging Decoration Collection.

Capiz Chadeliers is made of capiz shell perfectly design for your home, office, kitchen or in your private room... more pictures

Perfectly Designed in your Floor Decoration...

Made of capiz shell perfectly handmade and design specially in your interior home floor decoration. Perfectly match in your sala, master bedroom, hotel lobbies and more... more pictures

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CapizLights is the number one wholesale and manufacturer of all capiz shell made products...were Homes, Hotels, Offices or even You is the best and cheapest place in terms of Table, Hanging and Floor Decoration...Your best guide specially in all Interior Design...









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Capiz Lights:is probably the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Table and floor Lamp Shades, Jumbo size or small Capiz Chandeliers, Capiz Curtain, Capiz chips and Capiz Strands. Design perfectly for your decoration needs and its very cheap, popular and affordable because made in capiz shell to look classical, luxurious and elegant lighting decoration.


The Hottest and Cheapest in modern or even classic Home Interior lights DECORATION today. Made of capiz shell perfectly handmade to make your home, offices or even your private room more unique, elegant and style...


Home Lighting Products like Table Capiz Lamp Shades, Hanging Chandeliers or windchimes, jumbo size chandelier, and Floor Lamp Shades lighting are very easy to install. Available in different colors, shapes and design.


Table Lamp Shades - made of capiz shell perfectly for table decoration in your home specially in your bed room and also in your office decoration.


Floor Lamp Shades - made of capiz shell perfectly in your floor decors to make more colorful and luxurious lights.


Capiz Chandeliers - made of capiz shell perfectly in your home decoration like in your sala, kitchen, ceiling, windows and doors.


Jumbo Size Capiz Chandeliers - made of capiz shell perfectly in your ceiling to make more classical, modern or contemporary style lighting decoration.


All our product decoration are made of capiz shell chips, chrome plated steel for long lasting quality decoration, electric fitting and bulb holder for better lights during at night.


Capiz Curtain Decoration - We have also capiz curtain to make your home more complete, relaxing and more refreshing looking because it's made from natural resources. Capiz made curtain is very cheap and very affordable and available in any colors and shapes as you wish for your design.


Capiz chips - made of capiz shell is one of our main materials for making lamp shades, hanging windchimes or chandeliers and curtains. You can choose or select any shapes or colors you like to make your decoration more fashion and stylish looking.


Capiz shells and mother of pearl shells are one of the most popular sea shell component and specimen and natural material that is used as a material in home wall decor and interior wall covering design of your home, building or offices beautiful and elegant. Interior designers choose capiz for wall coverings and surfacing.


Capiz shells are carefully processed to make beautiful Capiz mother of pearl tiles and wall panels, natural wall covering, natural wall surfacing, interior wall covering ideas, shell wall decor, office walling, home wall decoration, capiz shells natural stone covering, wall surface capiz, capiz wall decor and capiz wall papers.


Your design, colors, and shapes are very welcome.



Note: All our shells are legally process and BFAR approved before shipping.



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